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MauricioThe history of a mountain such as Rainmaker would be best told by one of its inhabitants.  A history told by its abundant plant and wildlife; its constant rushing water; its wise old trees.  It is likely that they alone have seen the true wonders of its passing time.  But since the history of Rainmaker Mountain must be written by one of us who have passed through, we must begin with what we know to be the core of this intriguing place.  This land exists in its original state because of its innate ability to inspire.  Indeed, it is a mountain of inspiration with a history of inspired people, and though its natural bounty  continues to flourish its future remains uncertain.

Demi KuftaPreviously owned by a local rice farmer, Rainmaker was a land in danger of being clear-cut.  When the farmers’ crops suffered drought and led him into debt, the necessity of selling his mountain became apparent.  Having struggled to preserve it he did not wish to turn simply to the highest offer but rather to someone whom he could trust with a similar vision.  Mauricio Gutierrez came onto the scene through a longstanding friendship with this farmer.  He made clear his intention of preserving the land and with the help of a business partner began the process of purchasing the mountain.

Two days before signing the purchasing papers, Mauricio drowned in the heart of the mountain while saving a child who had fallen into one of its waterfalls.  In the aftermath of his death the purchase of the Alessandraproperty fell into jeopardy.  With a logging company ready to step in, the future of Rainmaker was unpromising.

Arriving in Costa Rica for the funeral of their beloved husband and father, Ann Gutierrez and her two children Alessandra and Mauricio junior became keenly aware of how deeply Mauricio’s desire to save this land had been.  They quickly developed their own desire to purchase and preserve the mountain in his honor.  Within two weeks these three were able to secure enough money for a deposit.  On August 13, 1993, thanks to the generous help of The Body Shop, the deposit was paid and the new future of Rainmaker began.
Peter & Logan
Since purchasing Rainmaker, the family has stayed true to Mauricio’s dream by creating an eco-tourism haven.  Bringing small groups of tourists onto the property and allowing them to see an unadulterated rainforest appeared to be the perfect route of preserving, educating, and inspiring.  

With support from visitors, the family continues to protect the mountain, preserving and maintaining its natural integrity. 

In memory of Mauricio and the many Drew's Kidswho stood for this mountain before him, the family continues to move forward and fight for what they believe is good and right.  The true history of the place will always lie with its silent inhabitants but for those who have entered its heart and seen its bounty there is the desire to see its essence remain untouched.  With help, it will continue to be so.

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