Rainmaker FAQ's
Is the tour safe?
The tour is very secure, but please keep in mind that you will be visiting tropical rainforest and recommended you to take the necessary precautions, like wearing walking or hiking shoes, long pants and use insect repellent. Safety checks are daily performed on all equipment including anchors, cables, and connections. The bridges are designed and build complying with international building standards.
Will we see wildlife?
You will have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and even smell a wide variety of flora and fauna, like flowering exotic plants, butterflies, bats, birds, monkeys and every now and then different types of frogs and snakes. Rainmaker Conservation Project protects one of worlds most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world, with the help of your guide you may spot countless species during the tour.
Can my children take this tour? Do I have to be physically fit to do the tour?

This tour is an excellent option for children, Rainmaker is a family a tour with emphasis on environmental education. Our trails wind through the mountain slopes and are fit for persons that have a reasonable physically condition because you will have to ascend and descend several staircases. The tour consist of a hike that takes about 2 hours.

Does this activity have a negative impact on the environment?

This activity, as any other human activity, has an impact on the environment, but we are a Carbon Neutral company that dedicates its 1500 acre property to 100% conservation purposes, we do environmental impact studies that help us to analyze if we are causing any negative impacts on this eco-system.

We protect some endemic species such as Harlequin Toad, which supposedly had gone extinct in Costa Rica. Rainmaker has found a small population in it’s forest, we have strict rules as far as visiting the area they life in.

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